In the UAE, TMDS offers top-notch onshore and offshore vessel commissioning, launching, beaching, hauling, and dry-docking services. Our team of professionals is dedicated to offering dependable and affordable solutions for all of your underwater maintenance requirements. We are experts in many different services, such as launching and beaching boats, hull upkeep, and underwater repairs.

From launching and hauling to dry-docking and beyond, our knowledgeable crew has the knowledge and expertise required to manage all parts of vessel maintenance safely and effectively. To ensure that your vessel is properly maintained with the least possible disruption to your activities, we employ the most recent technology and tools.

Experienced technicians and divers on our staff put forth an endless effort to keep your vessel in top shape both above and below the water. From dry-docking through commissioning, we offer a variety of services that are tailored to your specific requirements, all while reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Our vessel commissioning services also involve getting your ship ready for launch, making sure all systems are functional, and getting it seaworthy. Along with any maintenance or repairs that may be required while your vessel is out of the water, we can help with beaching, hauling, and dry-docking. In addition to ships, yachts, and other watercraft, our crew has experience with a wide range of different vessels.

Our commissioning services are intended to assist you in getting ready to use your vessels while our dry-docking services are intended to assist you in maintaining your vessels and making sure they stay in outstanding shape. To ensure that your vessel is relocated safely and effectively, we also provide hauling services. Modern tools and technology are used at TMDS to guarantee the best caliber of our services.