About Us


TECHNO MARINE DIVING SERVICES was established by a group of professional divers in search of providing quality services and cost effective solutions in underwater diving services. Our crew offers diving services for virtually all kinds of marine and sea operations ranging from underwater inspection to water class surveys.

Company Profile

TECHNO MARINE DIVING SERVICES is a professionally qualified and approved certified underwater diving service provider, operating along the UAE shoreline.

Our professional crew of certified divers is trained experts in all aspects of underwater diving services including cleaning, repairs, constructions, and various marine services. Using State of the Art technology, our company is a trusted hand for many of our clients in their repair needs. We have class approvals from various shipping societies that allows us to carry out in-water surveys, propeller polishing, hull cleaning and general maintenance on vessels calling at any port in Dubai.

Relying on our problem solving capabilities, and our ability to carry out diving operations in extreme environments, Techno Marine Diving Services is there to help you accomplish your underwater and marine projects. TECHNO MARINE DIVING SERVICES continues to develop solutions and adapt the latest technologies for more efficient and economical operation. We will continue to be one of the most diversified companies in Dubai under the marine industry that is known to be quality oriented with the highest safety standard.

Health Safety Environmental Energy and Quality (HSSEQ)

TECHNO MARINE DIVING SERVICES are committed to ensure that our daily jobs are carried out with utmost safety, healthy, and pollution free environment. We also continuously practice and work to improve our environment by following written procedures, instructions, plans, guidelines, and directions.

Vision & Mission

We aim to be the leader in underwater services with our commitment to customer service, safety, and quality by providing effective and innovative solutions to those who approach us. We pride ourselves in excellence and innovation, and to develop lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. Our goal is to create a challenging and motivated workplace so to provide our customers with top quality services and cost effective methods.

Our Team


Sajeesh Sadhanandan


Akhil Thomas