Welcome to TMDS, the best provider of professional and reasonably priced underwater diving services in the United Arab Emirates. We are dedicated to quality and provide a variety of services that are adapted to the various demands of our clients, both onshore and offshore. We are experts in the following fields:

We specialize in doing UWILD inspections for ships, barges, floaters, and rigs. UWILD is an acronym for underwater inspection instead of drydocking. Our expert team conducts rigorous inspections while following the criteria set by the class and the industry. To facilitate necessary maintenance or repairs, we assess the integrity of underwater infrastructure, spot potential problems, and offer reliable reporting.

We undertake thorough class surveys for a range of marine assets as an authorized service provider. Our staff closely collaborates with classification societies to carry out in-depth examinations that guarantee adherence to legal requirements. To retain class certification for ships, barges, floaters, and rigs, we offer thorough reporting and support.

A variety of underwater assets can be subjected to thorough inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT) by our skilled personnel. We evaluate the strength and condition of structures using cutting-edge methods and tools, spot flaws and produce reliable reports to direct maintenance and repair operations.

We at TMDS are dedicated to providing high-caliber services and affordable solutions. In order to meet and surpass your expectations, we use highly qualified personnel and cutting-edge equipment with an emphasis on customer happiness, safety, and efficiency.

TMDS is your reliable partner whether you need UWILD inspections, class surveys, or inspection and NDT work for ships, barges, floaters, or rigs. Benefit from our dedication to perfection and experience our unique competence in underwater dive services in the UAE.