Welcome to TMDS, your go-to source for professional underwater maintenance services in UAE. Our team of experts specializes in a range of underwater services, including dredging, demolition, diamond cutting, salvage, and wreck removal.

The maintenance and restoration of underwater ecosystems depend on dredging, and our staff is prepared to take on any scale project. We perform your dredging project quickly and effectively by utilizing cutting-edge tools and methods.

Another vital service we provide is demolition. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all projects are completed safely and with the least possible environmental impact. We have vast experience in underwater demolition operations.

Cutting diamonds is a specialized service that calls for knowledge and accuracy. Our staff is skilled in using cutting-edge equipment to ensure that every cut is completed accurately and effectively, minimizing any potential harm to the surrounding region.

Two essential services we provide for damaged or sunk vessels are salvage and wreck removal. Our crew has the knowledge and tools required to safely remove wrecks and other debris from the water, ensuring that the region is clear of any dangers.

At TMDS, we are dedicated to offering our customers high-caliber services and affordable solutions. We are committed to ensuring that all projects are handled with the utmost expertise and care since we recognize how important it is to protect underwater habitats.

TMDS is available to assist you with your offshore or onshore project's underwater maintenance needs.