At TMDS, we provide a wide variety of underwater services, including cutting, welding, filming, and still photography, in the United Arab Emirates. With the newest tools and methods at their disposal, our team of skilled divers can meet all of your underwater maintenance demands quickly and effectively.
Repairing and maintaining marine structures and boats is only possible with the help of our underwater welding and cutting services. Your ship or marine structure will operate at its best thanks to the expertise and knowledge of our team of trained welders, who are highly competent and experienced in a variety of underwater welding and cutting procedures.
To guarantee that our cutting and welding services are provided with the utmost care and precision, we use cutting-edge equipment and strictly adhere to safety protocols. To meet your particular needs, our crew is capable of performing all forms of welding.
To assist you in inspecting and maintaining your marine buildings and vessels, in addition to welding and cutting, we also provide filming and photographic services. Our crew takes advantage of cutting-edge underwater cameras to record crisp photographs and films that give you a comprehensive understanding of the underwater world.
We can provide high-quality outcomes at reasonable costs, whether you need underwater filming and photography for inspection, surveying, or promotional objectives. Even under poor light, our team of divers is exceptionally skilled at capturing great photos and movies utilizing specialized equipment.
We at TMDS are dedicated to providing affordable solutions for all of your underwater maintenance requirements. We make an effort to give our clients the best service possible every time because we recognize how important it is to provide quality services that surpass your expectations.