Underwater airlifting, high-pressure water jetting, and grit blasting are just a few of the many services that TMDS, a major provider of underwater diving services in the UAE, offers. These solutions are made to efficiently clean, remove, or convey materials from submerged environments and structures.

Utilizing specialised equipment, our underwater airlifting service moves bulky items or debris from the underwater environment to the surface. This method is frequently employed to move equipment and goods from one place to another or to clear debris, such as boulders or sand, from around underwater structures.

We also provide high-pressure water jetting, a method for cleaning surfaces and buildings submerged in water. In this procedure, fouling, marine growth, and other undesired elements are removed using high-pressure water. To complete this process securely and efficiently, our crew has the necessary tools and training.

We offer grit blasting services to clean underwater surfaces of rust, corrosion, and other substances. To remove the undesired material, this technique uses compressed air and abrasive materials. To guarantee that the surface is thoroughly cleaned and ready for any future work, our crew is skilled in employing this procedure.
At TMDS, we are dedicated to offering our clients high-caliber services and affordable solutions. Every project is accomplished securely and effectively thanks to our skilled professionals' use of the most up-to-date tools and procedures. To find out more about how we can assist you with maintaining your underwater surroundings and structures, as well as our underwater diving services for airlifting, high-pressure water jetting, and grit blasting, get in touch with us right now.