TMDS is the top company in the United Arab Emirates offering affordable and expert underwater dive services. Our extensive service offering is designed to meet the different needs of our clients and ensure seamless operations both onshore and offshore.
 Our skilled team excels at pipeline plug, clamp, and connection installations. We ensure connections are reliable and secure in order to stop leaks and maintain the structural integrity of your underwater pipelines.
 We provide touchdown monitoring services to ensure the proper positioning and installation of pipelines on the seabed. Our experts use cutting-edge techniques and equipment to validate the position of the touchdown and protect against potential injury.

 To evaluate the condition of undersea pipes, our team performs extensive route surveys. We use cutting-edge technologies to map the path, spot any risks or impediments, and deliver precise information for efficient pipeline management.

We provide quick and precise damage assessment services in the event that a pipeline is damaged. To enable effective repairs and avoid further events, our professionals evaluate the severity of the damage, pinpoint the causes, and offer thorough reports.

Customer satisfaction, safety, and efficiency are our top priorities at TMDS. For any project we take on, we can produce remarkable outcomes because of our skilled staff and state-of-the-art machinery. We offer creative solutions that meet and beyond your expectations while adhering to a dedication to quality and cost-effectiveness.

TMDS is your reliable partner for whatever services you need, including pipeline plug, clamp, and connector installation, touchdown monitoring, route survey, and damage assessment.