The best supplier of professional and reasonably priced underwater dive services in the UAE is TMDS. We have a strong dedication to excellence and provide a wide range of services that are specifically crafted to fulfil the various demands of our clients.

We are experts in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), using cutting-edge methods to evaluate the reliability and condition of diverse undersea structures. Our highly trained specialists use state-of-the-art tools to find flaws, cracks, or problems without harming the object being examined. In order to assure the best performance and safety, we offer accurate and trustworthy assessments.

Class and Third-Party Survey: We carry out complete class and third-party surveys of buoys, chains, subsea hoses, and pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs). To ensure adherence to industry norms and laws, our knowledgeable team collaborates closely with classification societies and independent organisations. We offer thorough reporting and provide in-depth evaluations of the surveyed components.

We thoroughly examine buoys to determine their overall health, structural soundness, and operational efficiency. We spot possible problems like corrosion, wear, or damage and offer practical fixes to preserve top performance and security.

We carry out thorough evaluations of Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEMs), determining their integrity and operation. Our professionals spot any wear, leaks, or structural problems and provide accurate reporting along with suggestions for any required upkeep or repairs.We specialise in detailed examinations of subsea hoses utilising cutting-edge methods and tools to spot indications of wear, leaks, or deterioration. Our thorough documentation includes thorough evaluations and suggestions for upkeep or replacement.

We provide thorough surveys of chains used in a variety of underwater applications. To ensure the secure and effective operation of your systems, our experts evaluate their state, taking into account wear, corrosion, or elongation. They then provide thorough reporting.

At TMDS, we are committed to providing high-caliber services and affordable solutions. Outstanding results are guaranteed by our highly qualified personnel, cutting-edge tools, and unrelenting dedication to client pleasure and safety.