At TMDS, we provide thorough underwater maintenance services in the United Arab Emirates, including the installation, replacement, and renovation of pipelines for aeration and chlorination. We employ the most up-to-date tools and technology and a highly qualified team of professionals to guarantee the best caliber of services.

Pipelines for aeration and chlorination are crucial parts of numerous municipal and industrial water treatment systems. These pipes are made to carry air and chlorinated water to different portions of the system, making sure the water is adequately treated and safe to drink.

To preserve the integrity of the system, it is crucial to repair or renovate these pipelines when they become worn out or damaged over time. We employ cutting-edge methods and a highly qualified team of professionals to guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of our services

At TMDS, we take great satisfaction in offering affordable solutions for all of your underwater maintenance requirements. We cooperate closely with our clients to ensure that our services satisfy their specific needs and expectations because we recognize that pipeline installation, replacement, and refurbishment may be challenging and time-consuming.

We provide a wide range of other undersea maintenance services, both onshore and offshore, in addition to our pipeline services. The installation of boat ramps, the removal of underwater debris, the cleaning and inspection of water reservoirs, and other specialties are all areas where our team of professionals excels.