In UAE onshore and offshore regions, we at TMDS specialise in offering top-notch underwater pipeline installation services. To provide optimal protection and longevity, our team of skilled divers and technicians is qualified to install pile jackets made of steel and HDPE and to apply denso tape to piles. We make sure the pile jackets are installed correctly and securely, and that the pipeline is completely functional and secure, using cutting-edge tools and methods.

For a variety of uses, including offshore oil and gas pipelines, subsea power cables, and more, our underwater pipeline installation services are perfect. From small-scale installations to large-scale projects requiring careful planning and coordination, we have the experience and knowledge to manage any job.

..To make sure that your pipeline is performing at its best, in addition to our installation services, we also provide inspection and maintenance services. To keep your pipeline in top condition, we provide routine maintenance services and our divers may do underwater inspections and repairs.

At TMDS, we are dedicated to offering affordable solutions that address the particular requirements of each of our clients. We can assist you with pipeline installation, inspection, or maintenance needs.