At TMDS, we are experts in offering a variety of clients in the UAE high-quality underwater dive services. In order to manage all types of diving requirements, including installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance of GRP, HDPE, concrete coated steel, subsea flexible pipe, and flow line, our team of skilled professionals is outfitted with the most recent technology and tools.

We are aware that these pipes are important pieces of infrastructure that need ongoing maintenance to keep them operating successfully and efficiently. To help discover any problems and guarantee that they are quickly and effectively fixed, we provide professional inspection, repair, and maintenance services. All sorts of pipeline materials can be handled by our team of experts safely and by all applicable laws and requirements.

ubsea flexible pipe, and flow lines in addition to pipeline services. All installation projects can be handled by our team of divers and engineers, who have the skills and experience required to perform them in a safe, effective, and high-quality manner.

We are aware that when it comes to services for underwater diving, safety is of the first significance. Because of this, we make sure that all of our projects are completed with the highest standards of quality and safety. To keep up with the most recent methods and technology in the field, our team of professionals completes extensive training and certification programs.We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality services that meet their needs and affordable solutions.