For the best underwater dive services in the UAE, turn to your reliable partner. We are committed to offering solutions that are affordable and satisfy your particular demands. Diving Assist for Trenching, Laying, and Backfilling/Burial of Pipelines is one of our specialty services.

For trenching, laying, and backfilling/burial of pipelines, our highly qualified staff specializes in offering all-inclusive diving support. We are aware of how crucial these duties are to the installation and upkeep of underwater pipelines. With the help of our experience, we guarantee smooth operations and effective execution, reducing downtime and increasing production.

Our skilled divers use cutting-edge trenching techniques to make accurate and controlled excavations in a variety of underwater terrains. This rigorous procedure enables pipelines to be installed and aligned safely, ensuring their stability and durability.

Pipeline installation requires careful planning and execution. We at TMDS have a history of completing successful pipeline installations. In close cooperation with your team, our qualified divers ensure that the pipelines are correctly positioned and aligned to the highest requirements set by the sector.

Pipelines must be backfilled and buried to be protected and last a long time. Our divers are skilled at backfilling trenches and safely burying pipes using specialized tools and methods. We carefully control the surrounding soil's compaction and stabilization to protect the pipelines from outside influences and improve their structural integrity.

Safety, environmental sustainability, and customer happiness are of the utmost concern to TMDS. Throughout the diving operations, our staff strictly complies with industry regulations and follows stringent safety procedures. We are devoted to reducing environmental damage and maintaining the pristine marine ecosystems of the offshore and onshore regions of the United Arab Emirates.