We provide top-notch onshore and offshore construction underwater services in UAE. Our staff has expertise in coast and beach protection, revetments, causeways, land reclamation, artificial island construction, coral fragmentation, and more. We finish our tasks quickly and to the highest standards by utilising cutting-edge tools and methods.

From planning and design to execution and maintenance, our team has experience in every facet of underwater construction. We are dedicated to offering our clients cost-effective solutions that also protect the environment and our personnel from harm.With our in-depth expertise in underwater building, we can easily assist you in achieving your construction objectives. To ensure that our services adhere to global standards and are delivered on time, we use cutting-edge technologies and methods.

For customers wishing to increase the size of their coastal properties, our artificial island construction and land reclamation services are ideal. Our crew has experience building structures that are sustainable and functional and adhere to all rules and specifications.

Our causeway and revetment building services offer dependable defence against tidal pressures and erosion. To ensure long-lasting protection for your home and coastal assets, our crew only uses premium materials.

Our team provides a variety of solutions, including as beach nourishment and shoreline stabilisation, for clients looking to protect their shorelines and beaches. To offer effective and efficient protection against erosion, we use cutting-edge methods including geotextile bags and gabion baskets.

TMDS is the best option whether you're seeking for a partner for a big construction project or need help with a smaller, more niche job. Our staff is committed to exceeding your expectations with outstanding service and innovative solutions.Trust TMDS with all of your underwater construction requirements, and allow us to assist you in realising your vision.