The best supplier of professional and reasonably priced underwater dive services in the UAE is TMDS. We have a reputation for quality and provide a wide range of services to support both onshore and offshore operations, delivering outstanding outcomes for our esteemed clients.

SBM/SPM Auxiliary Inspection: To ensure optimal performance and safety, our knowledgeable staff thoroughly inspects SBM/SPM auxiliary equipment. We evaluate various parts and systems, spotting any potential problems and providing workable fixes.

Inspection of buoys and chains: We carefully examine buoys and chains to evaluate their integrity and state of repair. To locate wear, corrosion, or other elements that can reduce their efficacy, our professionals employ cutting-edge technology. Any issues are addressed quickly to guarantee dependable performance.

We do thorough subsea hose inspections to assure their performance and guard against potential leaks or failures. To detect wear, abrasion, or damage, our team uses specialized equipment. Then, depending on the needs of the client, we perform the necessary maintenance or replacement.

Setting up the anchors and checking their angles and tensions is important for maintaining the stability and safety of offshore buildings. For anchor setup, angle, and tension checks, we offer professional services, ensuring appropriate installation and top performance.

Complete Replacement per Client Requirement: When equipment or components need to be replaced, we provide effective, specialized solutions to satisfy individual client needs. Our knowledgeable team guarantees  flawless replacement, reducing downtime and increasing operational effectiveness.

At TMDS, we take great pride in offering high-caliber services and affordable solutions. We are able to produce great outcomes because to our highly qualified staff and cutting-edge machinery. We aim to go above and beyond expectations on each job, with an emphasis on client pleasure and safety. TMDS is your reliable partner whether you require SBM/SPM auxiliary inspection, buoy and chain inspection, subsea hose inspection, anchor services, or full replacements.