The best supplier of professional and reasonably priced underwater dive services in the UAE is TMDS. We provide a wide range of services that are specifically crafted to satisfy the various demands of our clients, both onshore and offshore, with a strong dedication to quality.

 At TMDS, we have developed expertise in doing close visual inspections of a variety of offshore structures, including rigs, boats, floaters, platforms, jackets, and other offshore structures. Our incredibly talented team of divers and inspectors has the knowledge and cutting-edge tools required to carry out exhaustive visual inspections.

Our experts carefully inspect the structures during a close visual inspection to spot any obvious indications of harm, corrosion, degradation, or other irregularities. We evaluate the structural soundness, coating condition, and general health of the assets that are being inspected, providing accurate reports and suggestions for any maintenance or repairs that are required.We make sure that every inspection is carried out in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements thanks to our significant knowledge and attention to detail. Our thorough visual inspections aid in the early identification of potential problems, enabling prompt interventions and affordable fixes.

Providing our clients with high-caliber services and affordable solutions is a major priority at TMDS. Every project we take on yields excellent results because to our team of professionals, cutting-edge tools, and dedication to efficiency and safety.
TMDS is your dependable partner for any close visual inspections you need for rigs, boats, floaters, platforms, jackets, or other offshore structures.