For the cleaning, inspection, repair, and upkeep of water fountains, indoor and tidal pools, and other underwater structures in the UAE, TMDS offers full underwater diving services. Any underwater diving project, from simple upkeep to complicated repairs, can be handled by our team of knowledgeable experts since they have the appropriate training and tools.

Our cleaning services also include the removal of trash and algae growth from indoor and tidal pools, water fountains, and other underwater structures. To guarantee that the cleaning is complete and does not harm the structure, we employ specialized tools and methods.

As part of our inspection services, the undersea structure is carefully inspected to look for any indications of deterioration or possible problems. We use cutting-edge methods, such as sonar imaging, and video inspections, to thoroughly document our findings. This knowledge is essential for figuring out what repairs or upkeep are required to maintain the structure's durability and safety.

For underwater constructions, we also offer repair and upkeep services. We have access to the most up-to-date technology and our personnel is educated in a variety of underwater welding procedures, so repairs are completed fast and effectively. To stop further damage and increase the structure's lifespan, we also offer routine underwater maintenance services.
At TMDS, we are dedicated to offering our clients high-caliber services and affordable solutions. We are aware of how critical it is to keep water features like fountains, indoor and tidal pools, and other underwater constructions safe and functional. Our staff is committed to providing outstanding outcomes, and we collaborate closely with clients to create specialized solutions that address their unique needs and financial constraints.