Your go-to source for the best onshore and offshore underwater diving services in the UAE. We provide a wide range of solutions to satisfy your demands as a reputable industry leader, providing Cathodic Protection (CP) services employing anode and paint as well as exact Measurement using cutting-edge CP metres. Our cathodic protection services are made to protect your priceless assets against rust, assuring their durability and peak performance. We offer effective corrosion prevention solutions suited to your unique needs using our knowledge of anodes and paint. Our team of highly qualified experts excels in putting in place comprehensive CP solutions that reduce the dangers connected with submerged equipment and structures.

In all of our operations, at TMDS, we place a high value on accuracy and dependability. For accurate measurement, we use cutting-edge CP meters. Our state-of-the-art tools enable us to evaluate the performance of Cathodic Protection systems, identify any potential problems, and provide well-informed recommendations for enhancement. Our CP meters are essential to attaining this goal, and we recognize the value of maintaining effective corrosion management.

You can depend on TMDS for affordable solutions without sacrificing quality. We are dedicated to providing great services that go above and beyond for customers. In order to ensure effective execution and adherence to the highest safety requirements, our skilled divers and technicians are well-equipped to handle a variety of underwater projects.

We place a high value on collaboration and open communication as a client-focused business. We collaborate extensively with our customers, learning about their specific needs and adjusting our services as necessary. Our staff is committed to offering individualised solutions that take into account your particular issues and goals.

You get a reliable partner for all of your underwater dive needs when you choose TMDS. Discover our wide selection of services, and let us be your go-to supplier for dependable Cathodic Protection using Anode and Paint and precise Measurement using cutting-edge CP meters.