Maintaining the integrity of boats, rigs, and other floating objects in marine environments requires cathodic protection. To shield your assets from corrosion and other types of harm, TMDS provides high-quality cathodic protection services. Our team of skilled experts offers comprehensive cathodic protection solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers using cutting-edge technology and methodologies.

For all types of ships, rigs, and other floaters, including offshore platforms, FPSOs, jack-up rigs, and drillships, we offer cathodic protection services. We offer cathodic protection system installation and underwater maintenance as well as monitoring and evaluation of corrosion levels to ensure the best possible protection.

At TMDS, we recognize the value of offering affordable solutions without sacrificing quality. Our team works closely with clients to comprehend their particular demands and difficulties before putting forth specialized solutions to address those needs. Additionally, we place a strong priority on safety and adherence to all applicable laws, ensuring that our services are rendered under the highest standards.

Our team of skilled experts and divers is prepared to undertake installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair tasks related to cathodic protection. We make sure that your assets are completely safeguarded and operating at their best levels using cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true methods.

We collaborate closely with our clients to customise our services to their unique demands and specifications, making sure that we deliver affordable solutions that adhere to their timetables and budgets. Our strict safety standards and industry certifications show how serious we are about quality and safety.

For all of your cathodic protection needs, TMDS is the appropriate partner because of our considerable knowledge and dedication to quality and safety.