In UAE, we are your go-to source for the best underwater diving services. We specialize in providing affordable solutions that satisfy your unique needs. Cathodic Protection (Anode & Paint) and Measurement utilising CP Metre is one of our speciality services.

A vital strategy for preventing corrosion and extending the life of underwater assets and structures is cathodic protection. In addition to installing and maintaining anodes and applying protective paint coatings, TMDS provides comprehensive cathodic protection services. To offer the highest level of security for your priceless possessions, our highly qualified staff makes use of cutting-edge materials and methods.

Our professionals are exceptional at installing anodes, which are essential for cathodic protection. We carefully pick and place anodes to offer the best corrosion protection and shield your structures from the harsh underwater environment. Our careful method ensures the dependability and endurance of your assets.

We are experts at applying top-notch protective paint coats in addition to anode installation. These coatings serve as a barrier, protecting your assets from corrosive elements and the environment. To ensure great protection and durability, our knowledgeable staff uses top-tier paint supplies and exact application methods.

Measurement is an essential component of cathodic protection, and at TMDS, we use cutting-edge CP meters to precisely determine the system's efficacy. These cutting-edge instruments are used by our knowledgeable specialists to measure and monitor the electrical potential and current flow, enabling us to spot any possible problems and make the required corrections to improve the cathodic protection performance.

At TMDS, we place a high priority on customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and safety. To protect our divers' safety and the delicate marine ecosystems, our staff follows strict industry standards and best practices. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations by providing high-quality services and affordable solutions.