The top-tier solutions for onshore and offshore maintenance needs are provided by TMDS, a prominent provider of underwater diving services in the United Arab Emirates. Our team of professionals is skilled in a variety of tasks, such as building boat ramps, link spans, clearing submerged debris, measuring clearances and water proofing.

Our boat ramp construction services are intended to assist clients in building boat ramps and other watercraft that are both secure and effective. We make sure that our ramps are long-lasting and provide a stable platform for launching and retrieving boats by using the most up-to-date methods and tools.Our link span construction services are also intended to assist clients in building secure connections between various parts of their buildings. We collaborate closely with our clients to fully comprehend their unique needs and specifications, and we make use of cutting-edge technology to guarantee that our connection spans are constructed in accordance with the highest standards.Our team of professionals is also quite proficient in the removal of debris from underwater locations and uses cutting-edge tools and methods to do so. We can assist you whether you need to make room for building or just want to make your underwater environment safer.

We also provide clearance measurement services, ensuring that underwater structures adhere to safety regulations by measuring the clearance of those structures using cutting-edge equipment. Our crew has extensive training in this field, and we make use of cutting-edge tools to guarantee the precision and dependability of our measures.

Finally, we provide water proofing services to assist clients in preventing water damage to their submerged structures. To guarantee that your structures are safeguarded against the damaging effects of water exposure, our team of specialists can use a variety of water proofing measures.At TMDS, we take great satisfaction in meeting all of your underwater maintenance needs with top-notch services and affordable solutions.