your go-to place in the United Arab Emirates for excellent onshore and offshore underwater dive services. We take pride in offering a wide range of solutions to meet your diverse demands, including Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Alternative Current Field Measurements (ACFM).

At TMDS, we understand the significance of maintaining the dependability and security of undersea machinery and structures. We are specialists in Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), a non-destructive testing technique, to identify surface and near-surface flaws. To find any faults in metallic components, our highly qualified personnel employ state-of-the-art MPI procedures, providing you with accurate and dependable results.

We provide Alternative Current Field Measurements (ACFM) services in addition to MPI. The structural integrity of submerged assets can be evaluated using ACFM technology. With the use of this non-contact inspection technique, we can examine metallic structures without coming into contact with them to find faults, cracks, and corrosion. We offer quick and effective evaluations using ACFM, ensuring the dependability and safety of your submerged assets.

At TMDS, we are dedicated to providing affordable solutions without sacrificing quality. Our staff of skilled technicians and divers is furnished with cutting-edge tools and an in-depth understanding of the business. To ensure the smooth completion of any project, we abide by the strictest safety guidelines.

We place a high value on collaboration and open communication as a client-focused business. We collaborate extensively with our customers, learning about their specific needs and adjusting our services as necessary. Our staff is committed to offering individualized solutions that take into account your particular issues and goals.

For all of your needs relating to underwater diving, pick TMDS as your dependable partner. Experience our dedication to excellence in Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Alternative Current Field Measurements (ACFM) by exploring our wide variety of services.